Bunny Ear teether - is it a cord?

These super cute, quick to make 'bunny ear' teethers do need to be UKCA tested. Not only can we provide the EN71:3-2019 for the wooden ring we also have several EN71:3 backings too.

You may have read through the conformance testing pack and seen the the cord length. But these aren't a cord right? WRONG!

The EN71 regulations (as I’m sure you are all aware) state that cords should be under 22cm long. So these type of fabric attachments – are they a cord or not?
These EN71 regulations are open to interpretation and if you like me assumed because the narrow part was under the 22cm and so as a whole because of the big rabbit type ears it’s not a cord. I mean a cord is a shoelace or a length of ribbon right? – well, guess what – I was WRONG!
We have been speaking to our testing house that has confirmed the definition (in relation to these standards) is basically that a cord is deemed a cord due to its length to width ratio. Think of a scarf – long and narrow so it could be called a cord. They have also confirmed that this type of fabric attachment for the wooden teether will FAIL the EN71 compliancy due to this.       
So oh poop – what do we do now?
Thankfully there is a very easy hack  which means NO modification, or alteration of your design shape or length (thank you Jessica Palmer for allowing me to share).  Just one quick extra step is all it takes. Have a look at the close up photograph.
In orange I have stitched the one ear to the other (not all the way up, just about an inch) and this will keep the ‘ears’ together at the base but still flap about independently. This alters the shape and makes you item no longer a cord and therefore all good to go. It will look exactly the same too. Don’t forget this extra step will now need to be subject to your tension test. We have confirmed with our testing house that this modification will bring your item into correct regulations because although there are guidelines on ‘fixed loops’ this will fall well within the dimensions.
This will enable the fabric to be removed for washing and put back on again. 
Oh and there is no actual defined formula for this with to depth ratio in the EN71 documentations, its very loosely but long windedly (Is windedly an actual word?) worded!
For any more information feel free to get in touch.
Don't forget if your making to sell - test it as well!
Happy sewing!
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