Collection: Free Declaration of Conformity

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTIES ARE IN PLACE TO QUALIFY FOR THESE DECLARATIONS. If you do not order the minimum quantity we will not send the DoC! Each listing will stipulate the minimum quantity that needs to be ordered.

These Declarations of Conformity are for you to add to your technical files. This statement confirm the products listed are tested to the standards stated. Please read each listing carefully so you are aware what is covered by each one.

PLEASE NOTE: These DoC are ONLY for people who PURCHASE the actual products. They do not cover you for products purchased elsewhere.  Due to people abusing the system we have set up we have now implemented a minimum purchase to qualify for the DoC.  If you have any questions on this please do get in touch.

If you would like to understand what and why we now provide a DoC please read the following link:

So what exactly is a Declaration Of Conformity? – Tactile Craft Supplies