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We specialise in soft toy components to enhance your personalised products.

We make a commitment that we will source and test quality products that will be available to all soft toy makers. Whether its for personal use or making to sell products, they will be affordable and more importantly baby SAFE products.

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Self Adhesive Vinyl is now available in Matt and Gloss finishes

Monomeric vinyl with a colour stability up to 5 years

  • How To Test A Keyring

    How To Test A Keyring

    Paul Johnson

    This following report details how our keyrings should be tested correctly.  The aim of the testing in this instance it to ensure that the toy part of your product does...

    How To Test A Keyring

    Paul Johnson

    This following report details how our keyrings should be tested correctly.  The aim of the testing in this instance it to ensure that the toy part of your product does...

  • EN71-3:2019+A1:2021

    BSEN71 Standards, REACH & OEKO-TEX100

    Paul Johnson

    The big question you have to ask, “is that product compliant and satisfies the requirements of the Toy Safety Standards?”, well that’s a decision for you as the soft toy...

    BSEN71 Standards, REACH & OEKO-TEX100

    Paul Johnson

    The big question you have to ask, “is that product compliant and satisfies the requirements of the Toy Safety Standards?”, well that’s a decision for you as the soft toy...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Calendar 2024 


Will update when we will be having family time and away from the office.

Craft Show Dates

At this moment in time we have no plans to attend craft shows. 


Last updated 9 April 2024



In 2011 when the Toy Safety Directive came into force it meant that all products, whether mass produced or handmade had to by law to have been tested in accordance with the Toy Safety Directive.

By definition a product that comes into scope is a toy or looks like a toy and has play value by children under the age of 14. All toys are required to be tested in accordance with the laid down procedures and display a CE logo on the label or packaging. This CE Mark is now used for selling in Europe. In the UK this mark will, by then end of 2021, be completely replaced with the UKCA logo. The testing for BOTH marks are the same. You paperwork will have a different declaration of conformity. If you sell to both the UK and Europe you can use both logos. If you are not planning on selling outside the UK then you only need the UKCA mark.

This is a legal requirement and if you sell toys in the UK and/or the EU that have not been tested you can be fined £5000 or even receive a prison sentence.


If You Make To Sell, Test It As Well

If you are starting the UKCA handmade journey don’t despair there are others in the same boat. At first it appears a daunting task but it is worth it. With help and guidance it can be achieved. It is so rewarding when you can legally sell your toys and be proud to use the UKCA mark.

There is a wealth of information and the obvious starting point is to read the EN71 Toy Safety Regulations to give a basis of the requirements that you are going to apply to your product. EN71 is split into 14 parts but only EN71-1 (Torque and Tension Tests), EN71-2 (Flammability Test) and EN71-3 (Chemical Migration) are relevant to soft toys. As the manufacturer of your product you can self certify by completing the tests for EN71-1 and EN71-2 yourself; however, EN71-3 has to be completed by an approved testing laboratory. But don’t worry about EN71-3; with a bit of research some manufacturers will give you the certificates. The majority of our products at Tactile Craft Supplies, have been tested to EN71-3:2019 standard as a minimum while some have EN71-2  and items like the teethers have also been tested for EN71-1. Please do check the product listing and the listing with the Decloration of Conformity on to see exactly what has been tested. All our testing is undertaken by MTS who make sure all our products are tested in accordance with the EN71 standards. Please do have a read of Declaration of Conformity blog post.


Before you can sell your wonderful and lovingly made toy you need to complete a series of tests to conform with the Toy Safety Directive EN71-1 and EN71-2. These results are then documented in your product technical file. Only then can you issue the Declaration of Conformity and place the UKCA logo on your product. Conformance are one of the leading company’s dealing with UKCA marking and testing across different products. They produce self-certification packs that simplify the EN71 process and once purchased they are available to offer guidance and advice. The one you will need is Self-Certification for Handmade Toys. You only need to purchase these documents once as they are a series of templates to complete all the paperwork as well as all the physical testing information you need. Save the blank documents to reuse for each toy you make.

With regards to EN71-3 the testing is rather expensive; however, help is at hand as there are UKCA Support Groups on Facebook that you can join and they can be an invaluable source of information, advice and support. They also help with certificates to assist in completing your technical files. 

The 'CE & UKCA Marked Soft Toy Support Network' is a Facebook group run by friendly volunteers with a wealth of testing experience. Please do answer the group joining questions to be accepted. As well as help and advice they have lists of free and paid for certificates that you can buy - some through them and some that individuals have tested. They even have a list of the companies that provide certificates for free.

The UKCA & CE Marking Handmade Toys Collective is also a Facebook group as well as having their own website. They too have certificates available to buy and the website has useful blogs. This is a consultation Agency and there are membership fees. 

Both of these groups will help you get your toys tested and ready to market. 

Updated 19th January 2023 

About Us

Passionate about Craft.

There is nothing that is as unique and personal as something that’s been lovingly handmade.

Handcrafted baby products are bespoke; our products will ensure that extra dimension of uniqueness and above all provide reassurance on safety.

Who are we?

We are a family run business and are based in Telford Shropshire which was started after the birth of our daughter and the inspiration behind Tactile Treasures.

We started in 2012 as Sew Cool For Kids with Dawn making CE compliant baby toys. Paul is an enthusiastic advocate of Dawn’s work and gets great satisfaction of completing all the EN71 documentation, especially burning Dawn’s creations. After all somebody has to do it!

We looked for dribble bibs for Amelia but none seemed right, so Dawn designed her own unique shape. With her natural love of sewing she decided to start showing her work at local craft fairs and a following soon started.


Then in 2016 Tactile Treasures was born thanks to the diligent work and planning by Paul to make sure the dream of supplying unique products came to fruition. We have slowly and steadily grown over the years adding more and more products to the range.

In July 2020 we completed the asset purchase of Creative Craft Supplies which has taken us to another level and now makes us the biggest supplier of EN71 certified products in Europe

Now in 2021 we are adopting to new challenges as we are now working to the UKCA Standard in the UK and CE Standard in Europe after the UK finally left the European Union.

Every toy, whether mass-produced or handcrafted, has to comply with the Toy Safety Directive. Our products will ensure compliance with standard BS(EN)71. All products we sell will be fully tested and supplied with a valid BS(EN)71 certificate (where applicable) so that our customers are reassured that our products are of the highest standard; this is a crucial aspect of our business strategy; ensuring our customers products are compliant with this important health and safety standard.

We make a commitment that we would source and test quality products that will be available to both the CE and UKCA compliant makers as well as the personal home, one off a kind projects so that quality, affordable and baby SAFE products are available for all. Certificates for your technical files will be issued for all the items you purchase should you need them (Due to the unfortunate abuse of the free certificates are few are now purchased certificate - the majority still remain free).

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Returns Policy

The EU Distance Selling Directive protects your purchase. This means that you have the right to cancel an order from the moment it is placed until seven working days from the day after you receive your goods.

In the event of any goods delivered not to your requirements or as per your order, we must be notified within 7 days of receipt. In the unlikely event that your product is faulty please contact us within 30 days of receipt for a full refund or replacement. Individual products may also be protected with additional warranties which will be stated on their packaging. Should you wish to return an item, please contact us initially, repackage and return to us at our address. Please also include a covering note and order number.

If we receive no such notification the customer will be deemed to have accepted the items as satisfactory. We cannot be held liable for any consequential loss caused by late delivery or failure to deliver by the company’s appointed carrier.