Collection: Felt

Our Felts are tested in accordance with the following standards under guidance of a leading UK testing laboratory. They are compliant with the following standards:

  • EN71-3:2019+A1:2021


  • Annex II Appendix C of the Toy Safety Regulation (UK) 2011

Welcome to our Felt Collection!
We LOVE the versatility of felt, whether you are making felt flowers, dolls, plushies or purses, we have a felt for you!
Wool Blend Felt - Made using 30% wool and 70% viscose, so you can be sure they are strong and soft for your projects.
Polyester Felt - Made using 100% vegan friendly polyester; soft, smooth, strong and vibrant colours make this perfect for felt dolls and flowers with structure.
Heathered Felt - We have 2 types: Marble Felt and Fancy Felt, perfect for adding depth to your projects.
Our Wool Blend Felt, Marble Felt and Polyester Felt is EN71 Certified, so it's totally safe for your CE Marked Toys and Dolls. 
Check out the Patterned Felt as we have some Small Polka Dot and Large Polka Dot Felt, perfect for adding some cuteness to your projects!
If you haven't tried our Self Adhesive Felt you haven't lived! Felt that sticks to anything! (within reason! Sticks to Fabric, Glitter fabric, Faux Leather, and more!
Making it perfect for embellishments/applique work, banners and decorations.

Felt comes in sheets (25cm x 30cm), Mini Rolls (25cm wide) and metres (100cm) and in over 100 colours you are sure to find the one for your project!  
We offer sample cards of all the materials too.