How to tension test a corner teether

How to tension test a corner teether

So how do you test a teether properly? 

Corner teethers are a fabulous addition to your products. They help give a more professional look to your toy but regardless of where you have added a corner teether (bib, ribbon comforter, baby book, lovie or anything else for that matter) it will still need to be tested as part of your strength tests. As expected with a Tactile Treasures product - we have had EVERY colour chemical tested (the dyes vary between each solid colour) to EN71-3:2019 as well as having them tested to EN71-1 but these only take you so far. The corner teether is a component and like safety eyes needs to stay on your toy to ensure it's not a choking hazard. Along side all your other tests on your item you want to ensure that the teether is not going to come off.  

If you simply add a clamp to your teether it won't go anywhere and will give you a false pass. That is because you've actually clamped the teether with the fabric in between - which if you've already completed some of your tests you will be surprised how much weight it can take.  

When making your sample product follow this simple step and it will ensure you are testing the seam that you have sewn the teether to rather than the fabric. Simply cut the bottom corner off leaving enough material to sew the teether onto. Looking closely at the second photo you can just see where the fabric stops.




Now when you do your test on the teether the only part the clamp is touching is the teether. 




This means once you add all that weight on to your clamp you will be testing the strength of your stitches to ensure the teether stays in place.

Hope that helps.

Happy Crafting


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