Company Statement

We started this year with a positive vibe as we moved into premises with an office and a warehouse so we can eventually expand the business. Then Coronavirus started making the news headlines as it developed a hold in China, not many of us thought it was a threat to our lives here in the UK and Europe. It’s now March and the real reality is it is here as most of Europe is in lock down and its looking likely we will be following in the next few weeks.
It is a worrying time for all businesses and the coming months will test our resolve to survive and I put Tactile Treasures in this position. With the postponement of the Sewing for Pleasure show (which was the correct decision) means this month alone we are down 75% of our turnover and that’s just March!
As a business we are talking to the banks because after four years of sweat and tears I am not about to let a virus wipe us out, Tactile Treasures means too much to us its part of our DNA. If we continue as we are, we will be out of business within a month, so I am working tirelessly to make sure that doesn’t happen.
It was planned that all testing was going to be completed by the end of April when it is added to the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU). This has been suspended although I am very aware that this may decrease purchases further as technically our products are potentially not compliant with the new standard. The testing is a priority and will be completed as soon as finances allow.
The future
Hopefully we all make it to the other side and in about six months, this will be all a thing of the past and we all continue as if nothing happened. Sadly a few craft traders will unfortunately cease trading and it will be sad going to shows and not seeing familiar faces.
To sum up yes like all businesses we are struggling but I am starting to put systems in place to make sure firstly we survive and secondly, we are in a stronger position when we are allowed to resume normal living again. I am not sure what the business will look like and where we will be operating from, but I can assure you we plan to still be here with the same level of service and commitment to you all and always with a smile on our faces.
Finally remember all small businesses need you now more than ever.
Thank you
Paul & Dawn
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