Festival of Quilts #FOQ2018

The Festival of Quilts 9th – 12th August 2018

Well we are back home from the Festival of Quilts and its been a fantastic four days. The enthusiasm for our products is humbling and to see how they are being used is amazing. Amelia had a great time Thursday and Friday afternoon serving on our stand. Everybody was so kind and understanding while she was helping them make their purchases. The most humbling thing and I am so grateful to this kind and considerate person for there act of kindness. Timeless Treasures had a stand at the show and if you bought a metre of there fabric from a seller at the show they in turn would give you a free children’s book panel. Some kind person not only told them about our products and how they where perfect for the book, but also left our leaflet and a selection of our products to show other customers. To say we had a lot of Timeless Treasures customers visiting Tactile Treasures stand is an understatement. To that very kind and thoughtful person I say a BIG BIG no even BIGGER thank you and we would love to know who you are to say thank you personally.

Best Wishes
Paul & Dawn

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