Looking for some Bow Inspiration?  BOWspiration maybe!

Looking for some Bow Inspiration? BOWspiration maybe!

 Perhaps some of these BOWtastic ideas will inspire you!

So you've got your acrylic bow templates and some fabulous materials right? (Glitter material, felt, fabric felt, velvet fabric felt, Glitz Chunky Glitter and Shimmer Glitter fabric felt, wool blend and polyester felt even some Leatherette Lux, wow - just so many choices) and you've made a few bows. Great fabrics here to make you bows with, so how can you make bows a little bit different? 

As well as alligator clips and skinny headbands - try adding bows to normal headbands - Amelia loves a bow on a headband! Bobbles are great too or even cutting FOE to  the desired length and add the bow to cover the join is just perfect for older kids! 


Making a seasonal bow or two can be great fun and one sheet of Halloween, Christmas or any Seasonal fabric felt can go a long way mixed with other fabrics.


Buttons are great for adding that different touch to bows making each one unique! Our Dress It Up buttons are fabulous but even normal buttons can add an element of fun. Great way to use them funky buttons you brought because they were cute. Flowers, stars and other embellishments can also make a bow that really stands out.

Amelia even has a shell on one of hers!

Making a special bow - then don't forget to add some bow bling for an extra luxurious sparkle.

Don't forget you can stack your bow layers for some wow factor bows. Most of our Tactile Craft Hair Bow Templates have multiple sizes so why not add multiple layers for a fuller bow. Use both the bow loops and tails for maximum impact especially when using contrasting colours.

Finally don't forget you can mix your fabrics.  Not only is this a great way to use up your smaller pieces but it can add massive impact to your bows. Have different fabrics on each bow loop side can really make a pop but don't forget adding several loop layers one side will look amazing too!


Something there spark your imagination? - we would love to see what you do. Don't forget to share on our Facebook group Tactile Craft Supplies Group.

Happy crafting  

 Dawn x

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