Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

How soon is my order dispatched?

We aim to dispatch all orders within 1-2 WORKING days unless we are having a few days off in the school holidays to spend with Amelia – check website banners. (Please note that Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays are not working days).


Why are there some scrap packs out of stock for a long time?

Unfortunately some scrap packs seem to take a while to be restocked. This is because we have not had enough sales in a wide variety of colours to produce enough  offcuts to create a quality usable scrap pack. Scrap packs are created from the end of the rolls that are cut down into A4 sheets as well as from bigger pieces that have flaws in them.  I will not put together anything other than a high quality pack that is full of varied colours. We have a few people who only buy scrap packs but not full sheets. This make it harder to restock them. So If you like the scrap packs – don’t be shy add a few extra sheets of your favourite colours to your order.


How do I find out what the colour HTV sample you sent me was?

Unfortunately we will have no idea. The little sample in the HTV orders are for you to test that the heat setting on your machine is correct. They are randomly picked and you will get one for each type of HTV you order (Solid, metallic, glitter & flock).


Help, I’ve put the wrong address on my order what do I do?

If you realise that your address is incorrect on your order let us know as soon as you can. If your order has not yet been posted we can change it. If it is already in the postal system unfortunately there is not much we can do as we have posted it to the address provided. Usually though we can wait for it to be returned to sender (us) and then you can repay the postage and we can get it delivered to the correct address. We cannot take responsibility for items that are confirmed delivered and do not get returned to us as we have competed the order to your requested address.


Help, I’ve washed the rattle ring and its wet in there. What do I do?

On very rare occasions a tiny pinhole is present and during washing this may let in a small amount of water, or in the tumble dryer there may form condensation on the inside. We have had discussions with the testing lab about this. It is not a cause for concern. We simple recommend that you let the rattle ring air dry on a window sill or similar and only return to a child once its dry. Do not leave damp.


What is that terrible scribble on the bottom of my order?

As a small business my wife and I do appreciate every order single order and will write thank you on the order sheet – unfortunately my wife’s handwriting leaves a lot to be desired but it is supposed to say ‘Thank you’


I’ve received my order but it’s not what I was expecting. Can I return it?

We are super proud of our products and strive to provide you with the highest quality we can but sometimes things arrive and they are not what was expected. Please let us know with 14 day and you are welcome to return the product for a refund which will be issued once we receive the item(s) back. Please note that as a small company we do not offer free returns.


Oh no – I’ve just found out about UKCA testing for toys. What do I do?

Firstly don’t panic. We’ve been there. Have a read of this blog and don’t worry about reaching out to us with any further questions – we are more than happy to help.


How do I get the Declaration of Conformity (DoC)?

We only issue the DoC requested from the website. From our point of view there are so many forms of contact though social media and emails its easy to miss/lose track of requests. From a customer point of view (as someone who makes toys to sell) its important you know exactly what is covered/been tested for each product and this information is stated on the DoC order page. This means you can make an informed decision on the components. I remember years ago ordering fabric with the promise of a certificate to covers the fabrics to find once it arrives it covered only one colour. I felt that this was not sufficient to cover the range.


My order has arrived telling me the DoC will come by email. Why haven’t I got it yet?

As a small husband and wife business we have a lot to do and we will always prioritise dispatching orders over sending emails. We do state on the DoC ordering page that these are USUALLY emailed out on a Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you order late afternoon on a Thursday then the next day they are done will be the following Tuesday.  That said, as a two person team this is not always possible so please allow five WORKING days (Sat and Sunday do not count) for them to be done.

 If you have not received your DoC after the FIVE WORKING DAYS firstly check the following:

That’s it’s not already in your spam emails,

You have actually ordered the DoC through the website,

You have met the minimum order quantity of that product.

If you have met the minimum order quantity and ordered the Declaration online and have not received it then please drop us a reminder – we are only human and occasionally things slip through (many apologies – it’s not intentional).

If you have not ordered the product – you do not need the paperwork and will not get it.

If you have not met the minimum order we will not issue you the document. We do not have time to answer/chase people who choose to ignore the information that is readily available on the website (sorry).

If you do not order the minimum but make a second order up to the minimum and again request it, we do go back and check and we will happily issue the DoC.


My keyring failed testing, what do I do?

Occasionally we get people concerned the keyrings have ‘failed’ their testing. Usually they are isolating the wrong point on the keyring. You are looking to test the part of your toy that attaches to the keyring. Have you check our blog post - How To Test a Keyring


My safety eyes are giving me grief as I cannot get them on. How is this done?

Not going to lie – these are super tight to get on. If they were easy to get on, they will be easy to come off! Do you have a safety tool? We are not trying to sell you unnecessary stuff– it really makes a difference. Check out this link through our Facebook page.


My safety eye came out of my toy with the back still on while testing. What do I do ?

If the whole eye and back is still completely attached but has come away from your tester toy then you will need to re-evaluate your insertion technique. Try pushing the stem of the eye through the yarn strand rather than in between the stitches. Also add a small square of fabric behind the yarn and before the eye to add extra support.


My safety eyes have failed the weight test, why?

If it was the ribbon, were you using a grosgrain? We tend to find this is strong and much better than other types for testing. Did you push hard enough for the eye back to go over the THREE ridges? We have had our eyes independently tested in a laboratory and we test several of each batch in house. If they are correctly fitted they do not come apart.


Should I melt the back of my safety eyes?

In short NO! We definitely do not recommend this. If you are using a quality eye and have inserted them correctly you should not need to do this. Melting the plastic could alter the integrity of the product. It could make the eye stem brittle and more likely to fail, either in testing or even worse while a child has the toy.